Expert Tool Design Services

Nortech provides innovative tooling and machine design and manufacturing services for stamping and secondary operations. We utilize years of applied experience to develop and build durable, reliable equipment for nearly any application.

Our In-house capabilities include:

  • Transfer & Progressive Dies with Precision Interchangeability
  • “Production Intent” Samples
  • “Koppy” Slotters for Secondary Operations including Indenting, Piercing, Notching, Trimming and Forming
  • Robotic Blade Loading
  • Robotic Integration
  • Torque Converter Tab Rollers

Flexibility Through Innovation

We’ve designed and built a lot of tooling and machines over the years. This has provided us with a unique insight into the common fail points and performance issues that this type of equipment can experience and taught us the importance of constant innovation and improvement. We use the production lessons we’ve learned and build them into each new solution that is delivered. This means you can rest assured that while your tooling and machinery may be one-of-a-kind, it’s never unproven.

If you’re seeking an experienced tooling and machine builder, contact Nortech today at 248-446-7575.